Our company was founded in October, 2019, on the same month it also obtained all trade licenses for its operation. We continually increase our business, expand our fleet and develop our own staff. The company specializes in industrial automatization and robotics, custom design, machine and assembly of the complex mechanical parts (prototypes, serial production). We produce these complex mechanical parts using dedicated tools – CAD, CAM licenses, CNC machines (5-axis and 3-axis), 3D measurement and experienced research-development and assembly team. During our business we managed to create a stable base of satisfied customers, which we convinced of the quality of our products and excellent services. This is reflected in the economic growth of the company. Through our business development activities and unique solutions we look forward to expand our partners database worldwide.

We use latest software versions (SolidWorks, PowerMill), 5-axis and 3-axis simultaneous precision machining, including turning, in one set-up. Ulitization of milling and turning guarantees unique precision and shorter machining times (certification of ČSN EN ISI 9001:2016). The innovative applications are supported by numerous helpful options and features in both software and hardware. We have a team of engineers with many years of industry experience in prototypes and serial production in research and development. Our highest know-how is that we listen to our customers requirements first and then we design and develop together on the final solution. With our engineering team we can combine the company software and hardware knowledge in order to provide our customers with the best possible service worldwide. Highest quality material, design, industrial utilization, robotics or CAM programs are the important first steps. We know how to step out on a way that will lead us to fulfilling requirements of our customers.

We are able to provide the entire delivery process (JIT) for complex mechanical parts, tools and moulds for automotive, aerospace, machine and packaging industry, including EPP, EPS moulds, PUR, RIM and TPE/Rubber moulds, moulds for plastic vacuum forming, production of equipment, production of precise measure components, control jigs, customized metal, aluminum parts, and many more. We offer the individual solutions for the Control Jigs for all shapes and dimensions of EPP/EPS parts (all type of materials incl. synthetic wood, etc.). Creative expression of yours is limitless with our surface treatment allowing you to give your products the perfect final touch. Tell us more ideas what your parts should look like and we will take care of the rest. During the design of the complex machanical parts we focus on all the details influence the reliability, production and process cost, ease of use and life time of the parts. We design, machine and assembly everything in-house or in cooperation with our proven partners.

JKT GROUP, s.r.o
Minkovická 91, Minkovice
463 12 Šimonovice - Liberec
+420 602 136 078

Contact us, we will prepare an individual offer according to your requirements.